Setting Up a Successful Capital Campaign

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    Setting Up a Successful Capital Campaign
    Guest Blogger – Amy Eisenstein Without the right tools and resources, you won’t be able to raise much more money than you’re raising right now – let alone all the money you’ll need to have a successful capital campaign. Without …
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    Alumni Alert
    Our colleague was awarded the Certificate in ​Nonprofit Management. ​ Please join us in congratulating Shannon on her accomplishment. ​ Welcome to the C4NPR alumni community!
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    Stages in a Nonprofit Board’s Life Cycle
    The Center commonly gets requests for technical assistance to help build and strengthen Boards. ​ Karl Mathiasen asserts “A board is not and cannot be static.  Instead it must change and evolve as the organization changes and grows.  The roles, …
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    What is Lean Six Sigma?
    Guest Blogger – Are you tasked with solving problems at your nonprofit but struggle to accomplish fixing them? ​ What if there was a five step method that allowed you to not only solve your problems, but improve processes …