Continuous Improvement Solutions

Recognizing the mounting pressure to increase efficiency and effectiveness in nonprofit operations, sector leaders are seeking systemic ways to eliminate waste, save dollars and strengthen organizational stability. 

The successful implementation of LEAN Six Sigma (LSS) initiatives begins with a culture and leadership supportive of an LSS approach, and is not strictly a focus on the tool set. 

Online Training and Certification

We are proud to partner with Go Lean Six Sigma to support you in your efforts to prepare your staff, Board and volunteers to implement an LSS strategy.

White Belt Training & Certification
A quick online introduction to LEAN Six Sigma.  It’s the perfect way for beginners to learn what LEAN Six Sigma is and how it can help improve any process or organization.
     Approximately 1 hour in length.
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     ($70 savings on Certification)

Yellow Belt Training & Certification
An online, high-level awareness course that teaches you the fundamentals of LEAN Six Sigma process improvement.  Upon completing the course, you  will see the world with new eyes and understand how LEAN Six Sigma can transform your workplace or home. 
     Approximately 8 hours in length
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     ($250 savings on Certification)

Green Belt Training & Certification
This online course will enable you to easily complete successful projects by building your problem-solving muscles.  NOTE:  See below for details about the C4NPR Nonprofit Green Belt Certification Program, including project experience and eligibility for the C4NPR Alumni community.
     Approximately 32 hours in length
     C4NPR Discount Code GBc4npr
     ($500 savings on Certification)

LEAN Training & Certification
This online course will enable you to streamline processes and build a Lean Culture.  Globally recognized
     16 PDUs / 2 CEUs
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     ($100 savings on Certification)

Critical Tools

Prior to investing in training or certification, The Center recommends downloading and completing these two critical tools. 

  • C4NPR Organization Readiness Assessment for LEAN
  • C4NPR LSS Training Needs Analysis 

LEAN Six Sigma
Project Types

The Center for Nonprofit Resources responded to this capacity building need and certified the first group of Nonprofit Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Green Belt professionals.  During the certification process, each participant returned to their respective organization with skills and tools to help increase organizational effectiveness, real-world project experience applying the LSS principals, and tools within their organization and exposure to best practices in organizational management.


 C4NPR Nonprofit Green Belt Certification Program
This program specifically focuses on LSS work in nonprofits and enables you to complete a LEAN Six Sigma process improvement project from start to finish.  Green Belts carry more recognition and can deliver measurable, sustainable improvements by finding the root causes of problems and streamlining processes.
 The online application is now closed.